Steven Bipes

MDRC Project Lead (AdvaMed)

Marina Carvalho

MDRC Project Tier 1 Lead (Good Regulatory Practices)

Sandra Ligia González

MDRC Project Tier 2 Lead (Medical Technology) & LatAm POC

Leticia Fonseca

MDRC Project Tier 2 Lead (Diagnostics)

Susan Suárez Gutiérrez

MDRC Senior Advisor

Omair Azam

MDRC Project – Southeast Asia POC

Clark Jennings

MDRC Project – Southeast Asia Team

Anne Blatchford

MDRC Project Manager & POC

Evan Yo

MDRC Project Support


The MDRC works through a multi-stakeholder approach and via an inter-agency collaboration with public and private partners listed on the respective MDRC country pages.


Parties interested in engaging with the MDRC are encouraged to contact Christian Roatta at